Business Support

You probably rely on trusted partners for your professional business services: such as accountants to handle payroll and taxes. An attorney for legal advice and to make sure you’re compliant.

What about your Computers, Printers, Users, Router, Backups, and Network?

The fact is, most small businesses, even those who have someone on staff to help with IT, typically don’t have the expertise and focus to do much more than troubleshooting. Without PROACTIVE monitoring and maintenance of your technology, you go from problem to problem, and frustration to frustration – just waiting for something to break.

We provide clients with:

  • Dedicated Technical Team

  • Customized Monitoring For your equipment

  • Management Support Plan

  • Asset Equipment Tracking

  • Disater Rcovery Plan


All for a flat monthly fee.

What you get is a peace of mind knowing that for once and for all the technology that powers your business is managed professionally and runs more efficently.


Then you can focus on what's important, growing your business and taking care of your clients.



Technology can take any business to the next level, but only when the responsibilities of maintaining that technology do not get in the way. Computer Age has over 25 years of experience in bridging the benefits of modern technology with the principles your company was founded on. We specialize in communicating with our customers. By translating complicated computer terminology into plain English, we minimize the amount of time spent trying to understand the problem, and give you confidence in the solutions.

Computer Solutions

Computer Age has been  a  leader  in  custom computer & server solutions since 1987.  No  matter  what  brand  you  know  and  trust  we  can  put  together  a  solution  that  works  best  for  you  with  your  budget in  mind. 

We  offer  a  full  line  of today’s  trusted  name brands  like  Acer,  Asus, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Western Digital, Intel,
HP, Toshiba, or Sony as a solution!

We have partnership with all these well respected companies and we  can tailor a solution for you!

Server Solutions

Computer Age has been a leader  in  custom computer & server solutions since  1987  to  Tampa  Bay  area.  No  matter  what  brand  you know we can engineer a solution that works best for you and keep  your budget in  mind. We offer a full line of Servers configured to your needs Intel.