Computer Spyware Removal:

Computer Age has been helping residential and businesses in the Tampa Bay area to rid their computers of spyware for the last 25 years. We can safely and completely remove viruses from your computer quickly and efficiently.


We have a complete line of spyware removal tools along with the technical expertise to make sure your computer is virus free.We will even complete a 10-minute diagnostic completely free of charge and while you wait with no appointment needed!

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Computer Age goes thru multiple scans to remove all of your infections
Removal and Secure against further treaths coming at your
Here are some symptoms to identify if your PC is infected:
  • Annoying Pop up advertisements show up all the time?
  • Computer seems sluggish and slow for no apparent reason?
  • Browser homepage has been changed and you are constantly directed to wrong web pages?
  • Computer memory and hard disk space has dramatically reduced?
  • Commonly used software keeps crashing and does not work as it’s supposed to?
  • Computer system is unstable, restarts on its own or just stops working?
  • Strange messages/graphics are displayed on the screen?
  • Extremely slow web browsing and frequent disconnects?