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IT Services

IT Services

Computer Age Solutions provides managed IT services and cybersecurity services for growing businesses in Florida.  When you partner with us, we will proactively manage your IT infrastructure to eliminate problems before they happen. Our passion is to help you leverage information technology to gain a competitive edge, while also eliminating hassles, risks, and unanticipated costs.

Managed IT Services

We regularly assess your IT infrastructure, develop a long-term strategy, and proactively manage all of your systems to increase employee productivity and reduce risk.

Business Continuity

Having access to your data is more important than ever, from unforeseen interruptions of your business

Managed Cybersecurity

Attacks on Networks are more prevalent than ever before. With updates, monitoring & alerts, our Security Service protects your network on multiple fronts without you having to constantly worry about it.

Microsoft Solutions
microsoft- office 365.png


Cloud IT is the future of small and medium business technology management. A purpose-driven solution helps you soar – we’ll find yours

Consulting and Project Management
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With over 30 years experience as an IT Service Provider, Computer Age will provide your company with industry expertise for consulting, design, implementation services, auditing, and virtualization.
we’re with you every step of the way

Modern Communications


Computer Age has the expertise to help you build a modern and collaborative workplace with the latest voice, video, and collaboration.

We quantitatively measure the health of your IT environment by assessing over 320 indicators and reporting out how your systems improve over time. The result is a stable IT environment with fewer issues and less risk. When issues come up, our average response and resolution times are best in class.

Average Starting Score     Average Three Month Score  Average Six Month Score

 50 %                                          > 75 %                                       90 %    

Average Phone Pickup    Average Response Time       Average Resolution Time

2 Rings                                     6 Minutes                                   25 Minutes

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