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VoIP Phone System Provider in Tampa FL

We offer a unified communication solution for your business runs from a phone handset, computer headset or and cell phone applet. You can call your clients for almost any device. Take and make calls anywhere while protecting you cell phone number. See why Tampa Bay business's are moving to a VoIP phone system.

Understanding Business VoIP Options in Tampa, FL

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and business VoIP refers to a specific phone system service used by businesses around the country and in Tampa, FL. Business VoIP uses a high-speed Internet connection as a way to make and receive phone calls and can offer the flexibility and features that most businesses need when it comes to phone service.

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Residential customers may also use VoIP phone service in the Tampa, FL area. However, there is a world of difference when it comes to residential versus business plans in Tampa, FL. Residential plans typically only have basic call features that an individual or family would use, while a business plan focuses on the tools and features that the business will need to be successful.

Business VoIP simply uses your own high-speed Internet connection to make and receive calls instead of the traditional phone lines. It is important to remember that a Business VoIP plan is not just about replacing old phone lines, however. A PBX phone system is generally included with this type of phone service, along with other call management features.

Choosing the Best Business VoIP Provider in Tampa, FL

If you are looking to compare rates and features of different providers in your area, you have come to the right place.  With
Computer Age's VoIP solutions, you can easily compare different popular VoIP business plans in the Tampa, FL area. We offer a fast way to compare rates, plans, special offers, deals, highlights and more. Check out reviews from real people who have taken advantage of VoIP services by clicking on the specific providers logo.


We can also tailor your precise business VoIP needs in Tampa, FL when you answer just a few easy questions on the form we have provided above. We’ll match you up with a list of popular and reliable VoIP phone service providers in the area.

When you install a traditional phone service, a PBX system is generally considered an add-on. With a Business VoIP service, a PBX system is included. Not only that, a Business VoIP phone service company will give you the mobility and flexibility that most traditional phone companies cannot. It is vital to compare both types of services alongside your current phone provider so that you see the difference each one offers and the price difference between the two.

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